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Hollowseal Poll Herefords

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Venture 70x Heart-Index 273U ET

Baybridge 1 Jolly

Clipston 1 Moler 563


Bosa 1 Dabinate
 photo taken January  2011 after returning home after a very
cold winter spent outside running  with heifers.



  and again in the summer


Leos Pride 1 Nelson     


 Lynsore 1 Wisdom                                                        Newpride 1 Buster

Some of the sires we have used over the years are

Westhide Farouk
Freeby Harlequin
Heronfield Kelly
Boatside Magnificent
Vauld 1 Felspar M23 [Pedigree Information]
Rowden 1 Grapton [Pedigree Information]
Lowerhope 1 Hanibal [Pedigree Information]
Louada S56 Voyageur (AI) [Pedigree Information]
Leos Pride 1 Nelson [Pedigree Information]
Hawkesbury 1 Leonardo [Pedigree Information]
Lynsore 1 Wisdom [Pedigree Information]
Newpride 1 Buster [Pedigree Information]
Hilton 1 Count [Pedigree Information]
Broadfield 1 Banker [Pedigree Information]
Bosa 1 Dabinate [Pedigree Information]
Alderville 1 Ellis [Pedigree Information]
Clipston 1 Moler 563 [Pedigree Information]
Baybridge 1 Jolly [Pedigree Information]
Venture 70x Heart-Index 273U ET [Pedigree Information]

and several homebred bulls and other selected bulls by AI